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 He gave more than he took

The Chipped Stone
Today I walked beside a pond, together with my son.
We looked at every rock and bird, as we did when he was young.
We sat beneath a huge oak tree, and talked of hopes and dreams,
While May sunshine around us scattered warmth in filtered beams.

My son recounted wood lore I had taught him years ago,
I tried to teach him everything I thought a man should know.
With pride I listened as my son held forth on natures ways,
As there beneath that tree I saw a chipped stone, as it lay.

The rock showed work by human hands, a dark brown piece of flint.
It seemed to say we weren't  the first who here had hours spent.
I wondered if a Father sat with his son, long ago....
And tried to teach him all the things he thought a man should know.
By Charles W. Jones    May 2002

(On the Husbands side of the stone)
Remember me, as you pass by.  As you are now, so once was I.
As I am now, so you shall be, Prepare for death and follow me.
(Added to the wife's side of the stone)
To follow you, I'm not content
Until I know, Which way you went!

A Day in the Cemetery
Dedicated to Johnny Alexander
I walk among these stones and read what each one has to say,
I stop and visit friends and wish that they were here today.
I see a face, It's smile reminds me who this person was,
I think about the times we shared; their mem'ry gives me pause.
The sun reminds me I must go, although I'd like to stay,
But I'll be back, to visit with my friends again, someday.
By Charles W. Jones

Forever Loved, Forever Missed, Forever Young

A Message From Roberta - Jan. 2, 2005
If only you could see me now! My new clothes fit just right.
I don't believe I've ever seen this brilliant shade of white!
I hear you all made quite a fuss, when I left this world behind,
I am so very grateful, but keep one thing in mind:

I'm busy praising all day long, I don't feel any pain.
I know you'll miss my presence there, but please let me explain
I know you love and miss me, and wish that I was there:
But when you're here you'll understand the blessings that we share.

Redeemed! Redeemed! Is what we sing and praise Him all day long.
We worship Jesus Christ the King with our eternal song.
If only you could see me now! For I know heavens bliss!
And with my Lords permission, I'll blow you all a kiss.
By Charles W. Jones
(Roberta loved to dress well and blow kisses to her loved ones as a way of saying goodbye. She died Dec. 30, 2004, this poem read at her funeral.)

They served God in their  generation
(Epitaph on Sam and Roberta Tullock's monument)

On being Daddy
Of all the titles ever held, I like being daddy best.
I often pause and wonder I am so richly blessed!!
I love my children very much and speak their name with pride,
Whoever's listening to me sees a love I cannot hide.

They would not be that special when compared to other kids,
But they carry all my hopes and dreams as I, my father's did.
My blood runs through their veins, they are a part of me.
I'll always be there for them, nature meant for that to be.

Then, at lifes' end, I would not wish my children to be sad,
I've lived a good, full life on earth, the best still lies ahead.
I'll hear my Savior call my name, one thing He'll say with pride:
"The blood that covers this mans' sin was Mine, Thats why I died.
By Charles W. Jones

Open wide, ye pearly gates, and open up some more
our heavenly father passed right through,
But Daddy weighed much more!

To Kim ( My wife)
When I was young, I asked the Lord to help me choose my wife.
The woman He would pick for me would be my mate for life.
God's choice for me? A virgin true, her heart was pure and clean.
A lovely brown-eyed beauty, her form was trim and lean.

Our love was served, and how it grew! Two sons to us were given,
and later on, our baby girl, all blessings straight from heaven.
I'm thankful for the thirty years since we both said "I do"
I'm grateful to the Lord above for giving me to you.
By Charles W. Jones

"I never met a man I didn't like"
Engraved on Will Rogers tomb, Claremore, Oklahoma

Written for Jose (Joe) Torrez to give to his valentine
At Sterling Monument Co. Feb. 2002

Please, will you tell me something? And will you tell me true?
Have you become as fond of me as I have grown of you?
I haven't known you all that long, it's only been a while,
but now my world revolves around the sweetness of your smile.

The way you laugh, the way you move, the softness of your touch,
Are just some things about you I have grown to love so much.
I want to spend more time with you, we need not be apart,
So please accept these verses as a token from my heart.
By Charles W. Jones

Inscription on stone in our local cemetery
In memory of my wife - World War II

(this was either a misspelled word or a bad abbreviation. Inside a double wedding ring, given as a date of marriage.)
Marred for life, June 18, 1941

Luke 24:5
Why seek ye the living among the dead?

If Only
If only I could turn back time, correct mistakes I've made.
There's many things that I would change, and Some I wouldn't trade.
But life is lived out in the present, it happens here and now,
Errors made, we soon regret: an oath, a pledge, a vow.
If only I could turn back time, and put it in reverse,
Would things be that much better? Perhaps they would be worse.
By Charles W. Jones

Engraved on Sonny Machac's stone, LaGrange, Texas
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For Ryan Collins
I taught your son in Sunday School when he was very small,
He grew into a fine young man, so handsome, straight, and tall.
I never heard a single word of misdeeds he had done,
You must be very proud of him, so glad he is your son.

He gave his life in combat, a sacrifice was made.
The price of peace he understood, and with his life he paid.
We honor now his memory, the life that he has given,
Your soldier son, his duty done, at rest, at peace in heaven.
By Charles W. Jones

Ryan Collins died in combat, May 19, 2007, in Iraq
His epitaph reads:
Son, Sibling, Soldier

Nolan Calhoun Haines
To Mary Haines and children, July 25, 2005

We buried him at sunset with his family gathered 'round,
When poems were said and songs were sung, we laid him in the ground.

The scripture gave us comfort, as only scripture can,
It told us of our Father's love, of His eternal plan.

The flowers scattered 'round his grave brought beauty to this time,
Their fragrance lingers with us, embedded in our mind.

Masked behind their smiles and hugs, His wife and children's grief,
Showed on their faces, in their tears, a human funeral wreath.

We buried him at sunset, at the closing of his day;
But comfort comes in knowing Sunrise is on the way.
By Charles W. Jones

I will meet you in the morning

To Sherry
Written for Jose Lira, November 2001, for a girl he met on Halloween(The moon was full)

I met you once on Halloween, the moon was full that night,
but clouds obscured it's glory and it could not shed it's light.
I see you here before me now, in light as bright as day,
your beauty leaves me speechless, I don't know what to say.

The moon still large, November 1, filled up a cloudless sky.
I wondered at it's beauty and I thought about your eyes.
The light that shines inside you made moonlight seem so weak,
Your beauty leaves me breathless, if only I could speak.

Don't get me wrong, give me some time, so that I might explain,
The reason for my silence will not always remain.
Lets spend some time together, for this I know is clear;
Tho' beauty leaves me speechless, my heart your voice will hear.
By Charles W. Jones

The greatest of these is Love.

Love Lives On